Create Your Own App

Anyone can build a stunning app in 3 simple steps

No Coding Needed

You do not need coding skills to make your own mobile app for business

Edit your app

You don’t have to resubmit the app every time you make a change

Hundreds of Features

IAP, Push Messages, GPS & so many other features to choose from!

Native Experience

Offer the native experience to users through your own app

Make Some Money

Use monetization and make some money from your app

Insights & Analytics

Use the insights & analyze them to make your app experience better

Push Notifications

Improve your customers experience by sending them push notifications, about a sale, or a new product or service, at the right time and right place to improve sales and ROI.

Speak directly to your unknown app users, keep them engaged and convert them into potential customers. Prolong the life of your app by targeting customers’ interest with promotional push notifications, so that they stay connected, rather than being annoyed.

Push Notifications to a Specific User

Send personalized push notifications to the specific users, so that they keep returning back for your products and services or keep them engaged by sending discount offers time to time. Create and broadcast push notifications across different channels so that you don’t miss the opportunity of converting your customers into business.

Push Notifications to a Specific Category

Send push notifications to a specific category, and let users know what’s new. Optimize your notifications to streamline and segment your user base. Encourage group users to act instantly by offering them limited time incentives and offers. Seamlessly create personalized notifications for specific category, and send at the right time to garner more business.

Geo Push Notifications

Locate your app users in a particular geographical area, and send real-time push notifications about latest news, special offers, and discount coupons. Set your specific geographical area, and send hyper-contextualized messages to your app users at the right time, to improve customer satisfaction, and drive more sales.

Geo Fencing

By using geo fencing, send unlimited push notifications when app users get in or out of the particular geographical area. It’s easy and simple, just set geo fencing areas and trigger push notifications to promote special offers and drive more traffic. Create dynamic or static segments of users based on their location to keep them engaged like never before.

iBeacon Compatible

Now you can buy a Beacon (the Bluetooth Low Energy Device) that will work seamlessly with your app’s Coupon Feature created using our App Builder. As soon as the app user comes in the range, a push notification will be sent to the user with further instructions to know more or claim an offer.

Note: At this Point Beacons just support iPhone & KitKat powered Android devices. For more information contact us.

General Information

- Beacon’s Range: 20-30 Meters

Battery Life: The Battery life could vary on the actual use, it could last anywhere between 3 Months to 1 Year depending upon the usage.

Shipping: Free Shipping for all Orders over €75 and for orders less than €75 a flat shipping fees of €10 will be applied.

UUID: Each Beacon will have a unique UUID for eg. (E2C56DB5-DFFB-48D2-B060-D0F5A71096E0) and by using the UUID you will be able to configure your Beacon with your App.


AR/VR App Builder

Our AR/VR app builder is equipped with all the necessary features to help you create your own AR/VR app in just a few simple steps. So, combine your creative ideas with our amazing app builder and create an outstanding augmented reality app that provides an amazing virtual world experience to your users.

Publish your AR app to multiple app stores, like Google Play and iTunes, and enjoy a recurring revenue for many years to come. You require no coding skills to create an AR app with our easy yet powerful app builder. App Kiosken makes it possible for you to manage and maintain the flawless performance of your AR app from anywhere and get the most out it.


Image Recognition and Tracking

With in-built image recognition and tracking feature, our app builder is a pioneer among competitors when it comes to creating augmented reality apps in minutes. Our app maker has the functionality to recognize real world objects, track their position, and augment the display of the object with a label. Equipped with image recognition and tracking capabilities, your AR app can scan and recognize millions of day-to-day indoor and outdoor objects, without any complexities.

Geo-Based Augmented Reality

Now locate the nearest store or get traffic & weather updates on the go with your own augmented reality app. It’s easy and simple, just integrate the location-based feature into the app, to deliver real-time information, and improve user engagement. Backed up with real-time geo-data functionality,Our app builder allows users to create an AR app that can identify a person’s location down to a street address, using the smartphone’s GPS technology instead of manually entering the data.

3D Virtual Reality Apps

App Kiosken provides users with easy-to-integrate plugins that help them create 3D virtual reality apps efficiently, without any hassle. Simply drag and drop our 3D feature and simulate an environment that creates an elusive, alternate reality. You just need to open the app and put your smartphone in a VR-viewer to experience a thrilling illusion of an alternate real world. Engage users with your 3D virtual app and immerse them in an imaginary world from anywhere, anytime.

Panoramic & 360 Videos Viewer

Whether it is the Android platform you choose or iOS, it takes less than 10 minutes to create an augmented reality app with App Kiosken. All you need to do is click photos or capture videos of the location in panoramic or 360-degree view and add it as a 3D texture in your app to provide users with an amazing real-world experience in virtual world. You can add any type of videos, 3D models, images and entire HTML snippets, to your AR app and virtually transport your potential users to a different world altogether.